#SafeSPORTevent project comes in very challenging times for Europe and the World when safety and security are crutual and the sport sector is not an exception. #SafeSPORTevent is an Erasmus+ co-funded initiative that aims to protect athletes, officials and fans, participating in sport events, from health and safety hazards by improving training and competition conditions and especially during forcemajor security threads that need to be handled by specific security protocols.

#SafeSPORTevent project will develop skills and knowledge through educational mobility of sport managers, volunteers and administrators in order to empower them to co-create and use specific protocols for safety and security, tailored for sport events and gatherings of huge groups of people in sport environment. Through increased educational possibilities in the field of safety and security in sport, #SafeSPORTevent project ensures positive change in Bosnia and Herzegovina, Bulgaria, Greece and Turkey as direct project beneficiaries, but also all over Europe as project deliverables will be freely shared with the sport community.

Educational mobility for exchange of good practices (Transnational meeting 4) will allow participants (sport managers, administrators and volunteers) to actively contribute to its personal and professional development educational activities and format for exchange of ideas and good practices. This meeting will ensure both acquirement of practical skills and knowledge of the involved sport managers, administrators and volunteers and a unique experience to cooperate on international level in order to solve common challenges in the field of safety and security during sport events. During the meeting will be co-created and tested ETS educational activities that will facilitate trainings for safety and security.

Educational mobility for exchange of good practices will be organized in Sarajevo, Bosnia and Herzegovina (2 travel days, 2 working days) that will be divided as follows Educational activities in common group; Non-formal educational activities, adapted to the target group and focused on:
Day 1: Sport and security perspectives and practices:
Complex security environment and sport current trends and challenges;
Different phases of safety and security planning of sport events;
Safety protocols (co-creation); Radicalization of youth in local communities factors, identification, prevention.

Day 2: Good practices in the field of safety and security at sport events:
Challenges for sport administrators, managers and volunteers to ensure safety and security during sport events;
Education through sport methodology concept and testing of activities;
Development of new activities, based on ETS model with accent on promoting tolerance and solidarity.

All 5 partner organizations will be involved in the meeting and all of them will bring on board same number of participants 3 per country, with the same background (project manager and 2 sport managers, administrators and volunteers per country, recruited in the frame of the project).

Total number of participants: 10 persons from the partners and 3 persons from the hosting organizations = 13 persons.
BSDA: 3 persons 1 project manager + 2 sport administrators/managers/volunteers;
Sofia Security Forum: 1 project manager;
ΑΕΤΟΙ ΘΕΣΣΑΛΟΝΙΚΗΣ: 1 project manager + 2 sport administrators/managers/volunteers;
BRAVO: 1 project manager + 2 sport administrators/managers/volunteers;
Karasu Gençlik, Sanat ve Spor Kulübu Derneği: 1 project manager + 2 sport administrators/managers/volunteers.

MOBILITY PERIOD: 16-19 June 2022, including travel dates

Sport administrators/managers/volunteers engaged in safety and security activities during hosting of national and international sport events, implemented by sport organizations;
Motivated to develop their competences in safety and security during the implementation of sport events;
Committed to attend for the full duration of the mobility;
Competently able to work in English.