#GoodGovernanceSport Training course (TC) about accountability and transparency in sport will be held in Sassari, Italy.

4 full working days activities, 2 travel days in the period 29th of May – 3rd of June 2019. The countries involved in the project are the following: Bulgaria, Croatia, Greece, Hungary, Italy, Poland, Slovakia (3 participants/per country + 2 team members).
Full information about the project:

Based on the conducted survey (https://www.eusport.org/goodgovernance/GGS_outputs/GGS_IO1), project team will implement a TC about accountability and transparency in sport, in which they will gather sport leaders and specialists, that will be trained to use the possibilities of the world wide web (www) in order to create transparency and accountability in their sport organizations and present as fully as they can the activities of their organization to the wide public. TC will be organized in Sassari, Italy. During the TC will be also analysed some of the possibilities of the self – learning path and will be defined at least 10 of the questions, that will be implemented in the learning path platform.

Expected results of the Training course:
1. 35 prepared and trained young people to be ambassadors of good governance in sport;
2. Increased knowledge and attention on good governance in sport topic;
3. 3. Self-learning path initial development with the test group during the event.

Learning objectives of the TC are:
To raise knowledge and gain new experiences on #GoodGovernanceSport in different aspects;
To clarify the challenges of #GoodGovernanceSport in the partner countries and to equip participants with skills and knowledge on transparency and integrity in sport sector;
To create a network of professionals (youth leaders, sport coaches social workers and Trainers), active in their sport organizations and motivated to implement #GoodGovernanceSport principles in their daily work.

Target group:
Sport leaders, coaches, students in sport sciences, active young people, involved in sport.

The profile of the participants:
Each partner organization will participate with 2 participants from the project team and 3 TC participants per country, accomplishing the following criteria:
Sport leaders, coaches, students in sport sciences, active young people, involved in sport;
Be motivated to develop their competencies in #GoodGovernanceSport;
Already have experience in working in sport field;
Be able to act as a multiplier in our local community, ensuring the snowfall effect;
Have experience or prepare before the TC with concrete examples on the topic of #GoodGovernanceSport from their local environments;
Be committed to attend for the full duration of the course;
Able to speak in English, basic level of language knowledge is required in order that the participant feels comfortable during the event.

Participants needs, connected to the topic:
Ability to gain new knowledge and skills in promotion of #GoodGovernanceSport principles;
New tools and practices to use in their work in sport field, related to #GoodGovernanceSport;
Exchange practices and ideas with young sport experts from other countries.

Hosting organisation:
Mine Vaganti NGO

Application form for participants:
Deadline for applications:

Draft agenda & full info-pack: