Joanna Dochevska - mentor at UN-Habitat Youth fund
Bulgaria was chosen for the first time in the face of Joanna Dochevska, chairman of the "Bulgarian sports development association" to participate in the mentoring program at the Youth Fund of the United Nations (UN).

The aim of the youth mentoring program is to increase the capacity of youth organizations funded by the Youth Fund, helping them in the process of implementation and administration of the 24 projects funded in different parts of the world.

These 24 youth projects were selected among over 8000 applications from youth organizations around the world. They are run by young people and cover various sectors - from technology and agriculture to young people's participation in public and social life, educational projects and reducing poverty.

Mentoring program is implemented for the second year, but the first time with the participation of Bulgaria. This is a unique opportunity for experts and consultants to work on the best youth projects worldwide, contributing to the development of youth policy. Mentors are outstanding personalities from the private and non-governmental sector, as well as academics who devote their time in support of the above mentioned projects.

Mentors have a direct impact on major projects that are aligned with the objectives of UN development policy in the youth field.

Joanna Dochevska was selected to mentor after a selection of experts from around the world, consisting of several stages, including selection by documents, cover letter and interview. Bulgarian representative will work on a project promoting youth leadership and designed to provide communication and social integration of young people in obshtestvot. The project - "Salesian League Soccer to Three Bands" is an organization of Mexico "The development of the youth of the North AS" and focuses on developing social communication skills, teamwork, respect and solidarity among young people through sports activities and informal education.

Profiles of all the mentors for 2015 can be found here: Here