BSDA is partner in YSDA project
This 2 year project will focus on peer led voluntary action in sport to promote social inclusion in sport for young people aged between 16 and 24. The focus will be on developing Youth Sport Development Ambassadors (YSDAs) to develop projects with groups of young people from ethnic minority and migrant populations.

At an EU level the need to develop sport for social inclusion and migrant populations is seen as a priority, Social inclusion is among the EU's priorities for the role of sport in society.

By bringing people together, building communities and fighting attitudes of xenophobia and racism, sport has the potential to make an important contribution to the integration of migrants in the EU. EC website 2015.

The challenge facing young people from ethnic minority and migrant populations is that, in addition to the more general social barriers, they can also face further barriers to participating in recreational sport. There have been numerous studies and projects at an EU level highlighting inequality issues in the governance of sport and also high profile campaigns in football, in particular tackling racism. The issue of participation is sometimes less obviously addressed but is clearly an emerging issue for these communities as highlighted by the European Union Agency for Fundamental Rights (FRA): Widening participation in sports - in many sports across the European Union, minorities and migrants are underrepresented, particularly in the management positions of sport organisations. Women and girls with a minority or migrant background are particularly underrepresented. In some countries, social exclusion and geographical isolation can lead to low participation levels of Roma and Travellers in sport. Unavailability of sports facilities in certain areas also reduces participation levels of some groups.

The YSDA project will target minority populations in the seven partner countries through youth-led,
multilingual projects, using peer-led voluntary action. The objective of this work will aim to engage with young people using sport and physical activity, developed specifically for their social and ethnic groups. Micro projects within each partner country will be adaptable to the ethnic groups identified within each country with the YSDA also being identified from similar ethnic backgrounds. Due to the diverse range of ethnic groups involved in the project, common themes will be used for research purposes participation, project completion, participant satisfaction and the creation of new opportunities for participants.

The project will specifically provide EU added value through the following activities:

1) Investigation into the effectiveness of peer-led interventions in promoting sport and physical activity among disengaged young people from ethnic minority/migrant populations in 7 EU partner countries;
2) Development of a mobile application and website as a sustainable online resource specifically designed to utilise the skills of young people in using social media and technology to provide instant data and feedback on activity at an EU level;
3) Different training and promotional activities, as well as expert meetings.

Partners in YSDA project are innovative consortium of organizations from United Kingdom, Slovenia, Portugal, Italy, Poland, Hungary and Bulgaria. Project is co-funded by Erasmus+ Programme of European Commission - Collaborative Partnerships and will be implemented in 24 months.