BSDA is partner in YASV project
This small collaborative partnership project aims to promote voluntary activities in sport, equal opportunities and awareness of the importance of healthy lifestyle through increased participation in sport for all. The project will be held through 3 transnational meetings with the purpose to present the results achieved at each stage and to ensure quality monitoring process. Moreover, the implementation phase includes an international training for the young volunteer sport ambassadors and their strong involvement, as well as the participation of the partner organizations within 2 main working streams planned to happen on local level. The main work phases, dedicated to local actions, are related to the promotion of sport culture and raising awareness about the importance of being physically active, and the promotion of volunteering, its values and its benefits for society. Also the project plans ongoing processes of M&E, as well as a dissemination phase, both of them on local and international level. In addition, as final output the project will create an online platform which will gather all tangible results, best practices shared and indications for fellow organizations and stakeholders to follow the same path towards the promotion of sport culture and volunteering in sports as ways of promoting equal opportunities and combating social exclusion. Therefore the partners consortium believes that the achievement of a maximum of successful results will be guaranteed.

In this regards, the activities foreseen in the 24-months project are divided in the following phases:

1. Project Launch and preparation phase – 1/01/2017
Official launch of the project will be given and the applicant organization in collaboration with the partners will start preparing the first project activity – The Kick Off project meeting to be held shortly after the project launch. The responsible representatives of TIK Volley and Volunteer Cormwall will prepare detailed monitoring and dissemination plans respectively, to be presented to the Kick off meeting. Also Mine Vaganti will elaborate several versions on project logos to present on the Kick off meeting so that partners agree upon it.

2. KICK OFF international meeting – will be held in February 2017 in Sardegna, ITALY.
The meeting will last 3 days and will involve 1 entitled project coordinator by partner organization, 2 representatives of MINE VAGANTI as applicant organization, all of them members of the Project Management Team). The kick off meeting will give the official start of the project implementation and aims to foster the strategic planning of the collaboration between the partners during the whole project period. The activities during the first 9 months will be planned in details and responsibilities of each partner will be discussed again, adjusted if needed, and clearly agreed. The reunion will discuss and confirm the guidelines, prepared in prior, regarding how the organizations will select their teams of young Volunteer sport ambassadors, their profiles, clear tasks, as well as program details on which they will be trained during the upcoming international training activity planned. The partners representatives will also discuss the design of project logo, the content and the project website/platform development, as well as the open web brochure, included inside as final outcome. During this convention, the partners will discuss together again the milestones which they would like to achieve before the next mid-term evaluation meeting. The Kick Off Meeting will be held through presentations, group works and discussions, as well as through interactive workshops, in order to achieve maximum agreements and results. All partners will end up the meeting by signing a Memorandum for cooperation on the common agreements, principles and values of the project.

Project is co-funded by “Erasmus+” Programme of European Commission – Small Collaborative Partnerships and will be implemented in 24 months. Partners countries: Italy, Bulgaria, Poland and Denmark.