Building healthy Communities, changing opportunities
Building healthy Communities, changing opportunities
Small Collaborative partnership
Project Num: 590548-EPP-1-2017-1-BG-SPO-SSCP
Co-funded by: Erasmus+ Sport Programme of the European Commission

Project description:
The current proposal aims at proposing concrete measures in view of promoting voluntary activities in sports, together with social inclusion, equal opportunities and raising awareness of the importance of healthy lifestyle through education through sport methodology and increased participation in sport for all.

The consortium of partner promoters has carefully planned and designed the project activities, to be in full accordance with the project objectives and in view of achieving successfully its final goal.

The schedule of proposed activities consists of implementation of various workshops and events, as well as significant work to be implemented by the promoters on local level simultaneously. The project will employ also transnational meetings between partners in between its main activities, in view of setting up strategies for the successful and coordinated implementation of local activities in each of the participating countries. The transnational meetings will be held also with the purpose to present the results achieved at each project stage and to ensure quality monitoring process during its lifetime.

The main working phases, dedicated to local actions, include the selection of a team of local delegates and the organization and implementation of local training and workshop dedicated to the use of ETS methodology for them. Local presentations and public events involving stakeholders and associated partners will be organized too. In addition, the project will implement various local workshops and awareness raising actions, led by partner organizations and the teams of local delegates in view of involving the local youth populations and mainly youngsters with fewer opportunities in sport activities, as well as in lifelong learning.

The documentation of the implemented local activities and newly developed ETS exercises through is planned, in view of the publication of best practices shared. Such release is planned for serving all fellow structures and educational practitioners willing to expand their competences in the field, as well as for promoting better the sport and volunteering cultures across Europe. The publication of best practices, under the form of an online handbook, will upgrade the currently existing Move and Learn Manual, which is so far the only publication related to the Education through Sport methodology, its use and application. The new online publication will be targeted to youth workers/ trainers/ sport coaches/ PE teachers/ volunteer mentors and other educational and NGO staff in view of spreading the word for the existence of such methodology, as well as to equip them with a quality tool for better promotion of the sport culture, participation in sports, sport for all, etc. The publication might also serve for improving competences of target groups in implementing non formal education and lifelong learning activities, extending the services of their organizations and producing better results in their daily work with youth and community members. The publication will be included and spread through an online platform that will be created exclusively for the project needs and which will gather all tangible results, best practices shared. It will also include indications for fellow organizations and stakeholders to follow the same path towards the promotion of education through sport and volunteering as ways of promoting equal opportunities and combating social exclusion. The publication of handbook and the online platform creation are related to the strengthened sustainability of the project results and the provision of the opportunities that those will be used by others.

The project plans as well continuous processes of project management and coordination including internal communication among partners, M&E, as well as a dissemination phase, both of them to be implemented on local and international level. All project activities, as well as the creation of online platform and the publication of handbook have been designed to help the promotion of sport culture, to raise awareness about the importance of being physically active, as well as to promote volunteering, its values and the benefits that it brings to society. Therefore, the partners consortium believes that thanks to the designed project plan and actions the achievement of a maximum of successful results will be guaranteed.

In this regards, the activities foreseen in the 24-months project are divided in the following phases:
1. Project launch and preparation phase
2. Kick off meeting
3. Launch of visibility actions online and in each partner country
4. Local training activities and awareness raising actions in each partner country (1st work stream)
5. Strategic planning and evaluation meeting
6. Dissemination phase (in all partner countries and at international level)
7. Local actions on promotion of sport culture, physical activeness, Education through Sport and volunteering in Sports in each partner country (2nd work stream)
8. Mid term Evaluation meeting
9. Production of project output to be held on international level with the collaboration and support of all partners (3rd work stream)
10. Multiplier Public Dissemination events to be held in each participating country
11. Final Evaluation meeting
12. Project closure

As stated, project will also carry on some ongoing activities such as project management and coordination, M&E, as well as financial management administration and reporting.