Integrated start of the International Athletics Tournament New Stars
On May 16, 2018 at the National Sports Academy "Vasil Levski" took place International athletic tournament "New stars". The 40th edition of the international tournament started with a 60-meter start, with the participation of residents living in a Home for adults with mental disabilities in the town of Banya, Karlovo. Fanka Borisova, Aneta Hristova, Todorka Radeva, Pavlina Urdarska and Ana Atanasova were awarded by Prof. Apostol Slavchev, Deputy Rector of NSA "Vasil Levski". The girls also enjoyed the full sports program of the event, and a strong emotion was caused with the meeting with their sport idols in the face of Theresa Marinova and Svetla Dimitrova.

"The cooperation that we have established with the House for adults with mental disabilities in the town of Banya, Karlovo in recent years has been a wonderful result and one of the good examples we see in the sphere of institutional care in Bulgaria. Adapted physical activity and sport course enjoys increasing popularity in both forms of education - Bachelor's and Master's degrees, and in this field we are approaching the standards that apply in the most developed countries. The students we prepare have a very good basis for realization after going through the theoretical modules and then applying what they have learned in practice with real groups they are going to work with after completing their education and we will be pleased that these methods will be more and more recognizable and more institutions will attract sports professionals who work purposefully for integration through sport” added Stefka Djobova – a lecturer in the specialty and a world-renowned expert in the field of integration through sport.
In April 2018, the representatives of the institution also took part in an international tournament on integrated football held in Berlin, Germany within the framework of the SpeeCh project, which aims to show that integration through sport is not only possible but also that sport is one of the most successful tools that can be used for various vulnerable groups in society.
The SpeeCh - Sports Psychiatric Community project is a project that starts on January 1, 2017 and will carry out a variety of activities in the next two years.

Its main activities are:

  • Creation of 3 integrated sports associations in Italy, Germany and Bulgaria. Members of the associations: patients with psychiatric disorders and young people. Goal of Associations: to promote the social inclusion of patients with psychiatric illnesses in society through sporting activities;
  • Publication of a manual "Methodologies and techniques for managing sports activities related to the social inclusion in the local communities of people with psychiatric illnesses".

The partner organizations will be part of the European Integrated Soccer Network, which was created under a previous project funded by the Erasmus + program. Identifying and linking policy-makers in this field, sharing good national practices on methodologies and techniques for managing sports activities to support the social integration of patients with psychiatric illnesses will be part of the project's results. Several international meetings will be held to prepare a public campaign for the active inclusion of the target group in social life.
In each of the partner countries, a campaign will be launched to present the project and the future creation of sports associations whose members will be patients from community psychiatric communities and youth from local communities. A sporting event will also be organized for 8 representatives of the target group to take part in an international sports tournament in Berlin, Germany. As a product of the project, "Methodologies and techniques for managing sports activities related to the social inclusion in the local communities of people with psychiatric illnesses" will be published.
The project is co-funded by the European Commission's Erasmus + Program - Small Joint Partnerships and will be implemented within 24 months. Partners: Italy, Bulgaria and Germany. The bulgarian partner is Bulgarian sports development association.