#GoodGovernanceSport project supported by the Ministry of Youth and Sports
#Good governance in sport project is coordinated by the Bulgarian sports development association and it has been co-funded by Erasmus+ Programme of the European Commission - Sport chapter and it is a collaborative partnership that will work together for 30 months, starting from 01/01/2018 and includes 7 countries. The #GoodGovernanceSport project aims to find a way to analyze, collect and promote good practices for appropriate visibility of decisions made by responsible bodies and transparency of sports organizations in Europe and partner countries.

I would like to extend the support of the Ministry of Youth and Sports towards this project as its main focus is to find ways to analyze, strategize, market and promote appropriate practices for the development of sports programs and organizations across Europe and other partnering countries. The Ministry of Youth and Sports considers the projects main goals, such as the improvement in training of leadership and staff, strengthening the data base in order to come up with the best possible programs, policies and procedures, as well as creating awareness of the importance of physical activity and Sports among the youth, just to name a few, to be among our top priorities - Minister Krasen Kralev says in his letter of support, wishing success and measurable added value of the project activities.

The Bulgarian sports development association and partner organizations work on #GoodGovernanceSport's activities with a strong motivation to help improve governance in the sector and develop practical products to help reduce tensions created by challenges in the field of the sport. Institutional support for such a project is extremely important so that we can reach the maximum number of sports organizations that can benefit from the project activities.

You can learn about the main stages of the project in this video: