We are looking for young ambassadors of sport volunteering
The Young Ambassadors of Sport Volunteering project will select, prepare and support 5 participants from each partner country in the implementation of activities to promote volunteering in the field of sport.

This project is a joint partnership between four countries and aims to promote volunteering in sport, equal opportunities and awareness of the importance of a healthy lifestyle by increasing participation in sport for all. The project provides 3 transnational meetings to present the results achieved at each stage and to provide a quality monitoring process. In addition, at the implementation stage, this project includes international training of young ambassadors of sport volunteering, to be held in Bulgaria in May 2017, and will stimulate their strong engagement as well as the involvement of partner organizations within the planned 2 main workflows at local level.

The main work phases, dedicated to local actions, are related to the promotion of sport culture and raising awareness about the importance of being physically active, and the promotion of volunteering, its values and its benefits for society. Also the project plans ongoing processes of M&E, as well as a dissemination phase, both of them on local and international level. In addition, as final output the project will create an online platform which will gather all tangible results, best practices shared and indications for fellow organizations and stakeholders to follow the same path towards the promotion of sport culture and volunteering in sports as ways of promoting equal opportunities and combating social exclusion.

The procedure for collecting documents for young ambassadors of sports development starts and documents can be submitted to e-mail by April 10, 2017. Full information about the requirements and application can be found at the following link:

Participant InfoPack:

Application form:

Project is co-funded by Erasmus+ Programme of European Commission Small Collaborative Partnerships and will be implemented in 24 months. Partner countries: Italy, Bulgaria, Poland and Denmark.

Mobility has an extended application deadline, which means that the application is on "first-come first-served basis.