Introductory YSDA Project Conference in Wales
In the period 3.04-7.04.2017 in Cardiff, Wales was held an introductory conference on the project " Youth Sport Development Ambassadors ", which was attended by a representative of the Bulgarian sports development association - Ivaylo Zdravkov, member of the Board of BSDA and Nikola Zdravkov - one of the four young sports development ambassadors from Bulgaria.

During the meeting, the young participants discussed in detail the benefits of sport for building key competences, new knowledge and skills, and developing the capacity of young people in a modern Europe. The meeting was attended by participants from Poland, Portugal, Slovenia, Hungary, Wales, Italy and Bulgaria, who were extremely pleased with the practical sessions and demonstrations shown on the spot by the hosts. The government of Wales was represented by Rebecca Evans, Minister of Social Services and Public Health.

All the participants agreed on the idea that sport is a phenomenon that no doubt educates, teaches, strengthens health, leads to visible results, but the most powerful and useful quality is that it has the power to unite.

This project, which will be implemented within 2 years, will focus on volunteering in the sphere of sport that promotes the social inclusion of young people between 16 and 24 years of age. The projects will be implemented by 4 young people in each country who will be youth sport ambassadors and will implement activities aimed at young people of their age who will acquire a higher degree of socialization in our society. The Youth Sport Development Ambassadors project is co-funded by the Erasmus + program.