A final meeting of the Youth Ambassadors of Sport Volunteering project was held in Sofia
In the period 13-15 November 2018 in Sofia, Bulgaria, a final meeting on the project "Youth ambassadors of sport volunteering" was held, which in the last 2 years prepared and supported the implementation of the activities for promotion of volunteer activities in the field of sport. Ivaylo Zdravkov and Kalinka Gudarovska, members of the Managing Board of the Bulgarian sports development association and Emilia Tsanova, also part of the Association's team, took part in the meeting.

BSDA works for the development and promotion of volunteering in the field of sports in Bulgaria and over the years has implemented a large number of campaigns and initiatives on the topic and works purposefully for normative collateral of volunteering. A "A Young Volunteer in Sport Handbook" has been created, many volunteer programs have been developed in sports organizations, as well as an online volunteer database - "Be volunteer!", which includes people from all over the country, mentioning their ability to join the volunteer in sports projects, their experience and personal skills. To this date, over 170 volunteers have been registered.

The main phases of the project were devoted to local activities related to the promotion of sports culture and raising awareness of the importance of physical activity as well as the promotion of volunteering, its values and its benefits to society. In addition, an online platform has been created as the ultimate product of the project and has gathered all the results and best practices to follow the same path to promoting sport culture and volunteering in sport as ways to promote equal opportunities and combat social exclusion.

During the Youth ambassadors of sport volunteering project, 3 international meetings were organized in order to present the results achieved at each stage and to provide a quality monitoring process. In May 2017, an international training of youth ambassadors of sport volunteering took place in Bulgaria and managed to stimulate their strong engagement as well as the participation of partner organizations within the planned 2 mainstream workflows at local level.

Project is co-funded by “Erasmus+” Programme of European Commission – Small Collaborative Partnerships and will be implemented in 24 months. Partners countries: Italy, Bulgaria, Poland and Denmark.