#BeActive weekend in Giginsky Monastery of St. St. Kozma and Damyan
Between July 20-21, 2019, #BeActive weekend was held at the Monastery "St. Kozma and Damyan, organized in partnership with the Sunday School at the Nativity of Christ" Temple, Sofia, Mladost 3, the Association of Bulgarians suffering from asthma(ABBA) and the Bulgarian sports development association. Sport activities and interactive children's workshops were held as part of the HEalth Practices for Own Self-Improvement (HEPOSI) project, which provides collaboration between NGOs from Europe and Latin America to address the challenge of promoting healthy physical activity and food consumption practices among young people through non-formal education. The activities were part of the second children's summer camp at the monastery, following the successful first edition in 2018. Over 25 children had the opportunity to have fun, study together and enjoy a wonderful summer day with a lot of sport activities.

We started an active children's camps in monasteries in 2018 and we are happy that the feedback is more than positive from both the children and the organizers of the camp. Religion and sport are not mutually exclusive areas of our society, but the opposite. The wonderful initiatives of the German and Gigin Monastery for children's camps, which started last year and will continue this year, create preconditions for bringing children closer to values and are a unique opportunity to get new knowledge and skills. The methodology Education through sport, that we use is one of the tools that make children have fun, move, and at the same time learn and succeed in teamwork. We are extremely happy for the invitation we received for the second consecutive year to realize a children's sports holiday in the monastery and we believe that this is a wonderful social innovation that needs to be multiplied", said Joanna Dochevska, Chairwoman of the Bulgarian sports development association.

Participants also received information about the ongoing Youth Sports Fair Chance activities aimed at analyzing project activities to date and discussing research in the partner countries on violence in the education and sport system and the possibilities of preventing these negative phenomena. The children had the opportunity to enjoy traditional games from Romania, Turkey and Croatia, which are being promoted in Bulgaria as part of the "Traditional Games Are Meeting" project. The aim of the project is to increase the number of children and young people physically active through the implementation of various traditional games played in Europe. Studies and presentations in partner countries will be made during the project in order to effectively motivate more and more young people to exercise in an easy and fun way.