BSDA is partner in Active in sport again! project
Being an elite athlete is a privilege and a great obligation. During an athletes sporting carrier the main benchmark are the achieved results, which are the main motivational engine due to the interconnectedness with the income as well as the interest of clubs and sponsors. Within day-to-day trainings and competitions they develop skills to overcome various problems, develop working habits, strengthen and build self-confidence and the character.

Former elite athletes face several difficulties after the end of their professional sporting career. Many of them did not have the opportunity to pursue their second career outside sports, and even those who have pursued the dual career face problems due to drop in physical activity.

Many former athletes report a loss of identity after retiring and struggle to move on to new life stages:
The struggle to find a new purpose can lead to more serious problems such as depression, self-harm, addiction, obesity and financial problems;
Even the best-prepared athletes struggle - retirement can be like a grieving process;
A focus on near-future success can hinder an athlete's prospects of planning life after the retirement - one should not ignore the importance of physical activity of former athletes for their physical and mental health.

Through this project we will develop cooperation between former athletes, sports clubs and associations and local/national authorities. This project will stimulate dialogue in order to assure future conditions for former athletes to enable them to participate in recreational sports activities thus increasing their chances for social interaction and health improvement.
The project Active in Sport Again! aims to encourage social inclusion of former elite athletes by organizing non formal workshops and recreational sport activities in order to increase their capacity and support their reactivation in sport and everyday life.

The specific objectives of the action are:
Raising awareness on the status and importance of social inclusion of former elite athletes;
Raising awareness on the importance of organizing recreational sport activities for former athletes in order to increase and/or improve their psychophysical condition that will benefit to their physical and mental health and quality of life;
Building the capacity of former elite athletes on how to face their post-sport career challenges;
Systematically collecting and recording the best practice cases and experts recommendations, programs in the field of mobilizing and motivating the former elite athletes to recreational sport activities, in order to develop Active in Sport Again Manual.
Within the project activities the focus will be on both:
The exchange of information and good practices in social inclusion of former elite athletes;
The development of new recreational sports programs for former/retired athletes.

It will result in publishing of the Active in Sport Again Manual consisting of best practices, presentations/recommendations of all involved experts as well as developed recreational sports programs for retired athletes.

Active in sport again! project includes 3 partner countries - Croatia, Slovenia, Bulgaria and is co-funded by Erasmus+ Programme of the European Union.