BSDA is partner in ENDURANCE project
Sport is the most popular recreational activity, for centuries being an important element of society. Entrepreneurship has also been embedded in societies for ages, helping people to grow socially and economically. Europe is investing heavily in Entrepreneurship Education (EE) to sustain economic growth and social inclusion. The EU also recognizes the need to reinvent how entrepreneurship is identified, taught and nurtured. Links between sports & entrepreneurship are manifold, yet seldom recognized and rarely capitalized upon. The two are rarely found together in VET as effectively connected domains with synergic links: hence the need for much-needed entrepreneurial competences due to low EE in sports-oriented disciplines and lack of tailored entrepreneurship training.

ENDURANCE rethinks the teaching and learning of entrepreneurship based on the complementarities and commonalities between sport and entrepreneurship, such as determination, perseverance, self-confidence, stamina, respect of rules, team play, self-reliance, competition, success/failure, etc.

ENDURANCEs objective is to reignite entrepreneurial spirit and modernize the way entrepreneurship is tackled in VET and to:
1) Map dynamics of sports and entrepreneurship, common traits and links for sustainable careers for learners in VET and sport systems
2) Develop ENDURANCE entrepreneurship custom-made training and tools
3) Establish online interactive OER platform for ENDURANCE training (virtual and blended-learning)
4) Sustain results and promote their uptake in VET and sport ecosystems
5) Advance the entrepreneurship discourse at policy level with the ENDURANCE Green Paper

Target groups are learners across IVET, C-VET and Higher VET, VET trainers and providers as well as participants in the sport ecosystem (athletes, coaches, sports-related professionals, managers of sport associations and their members).

Participants in ENDURANCE are:
> 8 partners
> 150 target groups from VET and sport systems
> 84 sports organizations
> 70 regional and national policy-makers
> 49 sports and entrepreneurship bodies
> 70 EU policy-makers
> 20 EU/international stakeholders
> 174,727 people reached at dissemination (prudent estimates)

ENDURANCE is structured along 4 Intellectual Outputs that group very clearly described Tasks:
  • IO1 ENDURANCE OER Platform in 7 languages
  • IO2 Establish operational links between sport & entrepreneurship dynamics
  • IO3 Develop and deploy the ENDURANCE Toolkit, e-learning training material for VET learners linking entrepreneurship & sports for entrepreneurial success
  • IO4 ENDURANCE guidelines & green paper

All partners are involved in each activity to capitalize on the collaborative and operational approach of ENDURANCE. The project methodology includes well-elaborated mechanisms of management and oversight, internal & external communication, M&E, Quality Assurance, risk management, technical & financial reporting; 4 TPMs and constant virtual meetings are envisaged.

ENDURANCE aims to bring the following results to serve its target groups and stakeholders:
1) Online interactive and open OER platform
2) Comprehensive mapping of sports & entrepreneurship dynamics, common traits, links, success and failure factors for sustainable careers for learners in VET and sport systems
3) ENDURANCE toolkit comprising custom-made training (content, guidelines, case studies, best practices & lessons learned) and tools (checklists for enhanced entrepreneurship in sport)
4) Online business & entrepreneurship taxonomy to be used as a concepts-map and reference for the innovative approach of sports & entrepreneurship
5) Guidelines to sustain project results and promote the uptake of ENDURANCE in VET and sport ecosystems
6) Green paper for debate, practice and policy options.

Target groups will benefit from ENDURANCE in terms of great empowering, encouragement and increased entrepreneurial competences leading to enriched scope of opportunities and improved professional and career prospects.

ENDURANCE will produce also considerable benefits:
A) Education & training providers enrich and widen their offer with innovative training. Sport organisations enter a new dimension of services for their members
B) The innovative combination of sports & entrepreneurship allows partners to widen networks, competence and expertise in a new field of operation
C) The entire VET and sports ecosystems will have positive impacts mentioned above (new concepts, training and services)
D) ENDURANCE will impact and sensitize also policy-makers in entrepreneurship support and VET and education programmers, who will be able to re-consider connections between sport and entrepreneurship

ENDURANCE project is co-funded by Erasmus+ Programme of the European Union.