BSDA carried out activities under the Winter Sport is Coming project
In the period 09.02.2021 – 14.02.2021 in Borovets, Bulgaria, in compliance with all anti-epidemic measures, an event that introduced winter sports and their benefits was held as part of the "WINTER SPORT IS COMING" project. 15 young people took part in the event and had the opportunity to get acquainted with the magic of snow sports (skiing, snowboarding, sledding), combined with the non-formal education (energizers, discussions, team building activities). The focus of the program was the encouragement of the attitudes and motivation of young people to participate in winter sports and at the same time to explore the educational dimension of winter sports, such as:

• Social Inclusion: winter sports as a catalyst for inclusive practices, inspired by the positive values of sports practice (fair play, equality, respect, teamwork);
• Personal development: acquisition of knowledge, skills and competencies that support the personal development and realization of young people both in life and in society (suitability for employment, education, participation);
• Intercultural Dialogue: promoting mutual knowledge, positive interaction and cooperation between young people from different backgrounds in order to overcome prejudice, discrimination or racism.

The desired impact on the young people involved in the project is:
• Knowledge about different winter sports;
• Improved physical condition and participation in physical activity, especially in winter sports;
• Acquisition of soft and transversal skills (flexibility, entrepreneurial thinking and initiative, purposeful thinking, planning, teamwork), increasing individual social inclusion and success in all dimensions of life (personal, sports, social);
• Increased educational success and prospects for employability.
Impact on athletes and organizations:
• Knowledge and skills for research of the best practices in winter sports;
• Knowledge of the non-formal education methods and competencies in their use in combination with sports;
• Skills and experience in carrying out educational activities with young people through sport;
• Contacts with organizations working in the field of sports and non-formal education;
• Motivation and opportunities for participation in further initiatives.

Winter Sport is Coming project is co-funded by the Erasmus+ Programme of the European Union.