From the 27th 29th of June, the partners from 6 European countries, Bulgaria, Italy, Portugal, Poland, Germany, Spain, gathered together in Sofia, Bulgaria, in order to open the kick-off meeting for the project Sport and Non formal education The pathway to community development.

This is a project which seeks to identify and overcome obstacles and challenges related to sedentary lifestyles and declining interest in sport. The project will serve as tool to improve health and equal access to sports facilities in Europe, by promoting education in and through sport. There will be a special focus on the development of knowledge, skills and capacity of coaches, physical education teachers and other staff of organizations and institutions in the field of sports, education and non-governmental sector, as well as support for the implementation of European Union guidelines for a double career of athletes.

To create an empowered environment oriented towards physical education teachers / sports staff, which will enable them to understand the concept of non-formal education (NFE), making them more competent and confident in applying the methodology "Learning through sport" (ETS);
To create the necessary opportunity for the target groups to go through non-formal training, using sports as a training tool;
To serve as a bridge between formal education, the non-governmental and sports sectors, contributing to the creation of long-term multi-level and cross-sectoral cooperation networks;
To build the necessary qualities and skills in sports coaches, physical education and sports teachers and sports staff to become leaders in projects using NFO and BSF, as a complementary educational tool to stimulate participation in sports, education and physical activity;
Encourage cooperation for knowledge exchange and capacity development in areas such as education, training and the sports sector between schools, sports clubs and NGOs;

The project "Sport and Non-formal education - a path to community development" is co-financed by the Erasmus + Sport program of the European Union.