Bulgarian sports development association is partner in the On the way to acceptance a non-formal Youth program of innovative tools to learn project. The initiative is co-funded under the Erasmus+ program of the European Union and is going to implement activities in the period 30.06.2021 - 29.06.2023.

Better understanding the discrimination and stereotypes creation process, feelings of discriminated people among young people up to 30 years old in project partners' countries;
Shaping own opinions, decisions of young people up to 30 years old;
Increasing of ability among young people up to 30 years old to think in a creative and critical way;
Equipping youth leaders with tools to work in their societies and teach, talk about tolerance behaviors;
Increasing youth engagement in social matters, especially in activities connected with acceptance behavior;
Youth integration with other cultures, with migrants, disadvantaged groups during pilot trainings in partners countries;
Sharing the acceptance and understating for others among youth leaders in partners countries;
Intercultural dialogue dissemination among youth leaders in partners countries;
Intolerance Prevention among young people, youth leaders from partners countries;
Dissemination of quality, human rights and respect, EU values program among young people, young leaders in partners countries.

In order for educational activities to be effective, educational tools should be used that will support the aspect of knowledge, attitudes

Young people up to 30 years old which are willing to engage in tolerance, acceptance activities, but at the same time they have lack of education about what stereotypes come from, what is the process of discrimination, what benefits we have from different word, why we should accept others;
Carrers, parents who will have the encrypted comic book as a common tool for both - young people and their careers, to talk about tolerance and exchange good practices in it;
Educators who can used our materials and scenarios of workshops proposal to supplement their lessons;
Youth organizations connected with tolerance and acceptance who will also use our materials in their non-formal activities in their organizations;
People who "were tocuhed" by discrimination - we want to include them in our activities, especially to evaluate the content of outputs and in dissemination events;
Youth leaders will have the possibility to test themselves and "meet" new tools to use in their youth organizations, ways of develpoment of youth or in the field of tolerance.

Kick of meeting in Poland
20 Tolerance metaphorical cards with workshop proposal
4 Virtual escape room game in the field of preventing discrimination
Encrypted comic book for parents - good practices
Open Tolerance Day in each country
Final conference Acceptance is building in Poland
Evaluation meeting in Turkey

Stowarzyszenie Ludzi Aktywnych Poland
Social Hacker Greece
Surdurulebilir Kalkinma Dernegi Turkey
Asociacia za razvitie na bulgarskia sport Bułgaria