In the period 26.07.2021 02.08.2021, in Sassari, Italy, a training course Structured Learning for Awareness in Media/SLAM was held, which aimed at enhancing young peoples awareness and critical thinking on the role of Mass Media as a challenge and precondition for more inclusive societies towards migrants and refugees. The training was attended by four representatives from each partner country Bosnia and Herzegovina, Albania, Bulgaria, Italy, Montenegro, Serbia and Turkey.

The Council of Europes Report Media Regulatory Authorities and Hate Speech (2018) underlines the historical significance of media in enticing and feeding the climate of hatred and violence characterizing West Balkans turbulent past. The Balkans are still a primary example of media consciously or even deliberately using hate speech for sensationalistic purposes, thereby supporting it and causing its recurrence and reinforcement at the societal level. From the European perspective, significant indications might be extracted from analyzing media coverage about the reception and integration of migrants/refugees.

Against this backdrop, the project explores the similarities, differences and potential synthesis among the different yet interrelated challenges faced by West Balkans countries and Europe within a transnational effort aimed at laying the grounds of a greater media literacy and critical thinking at the level of the youth and, by extension, of society as a means to provide an antidote against phenomena of hate speech and a building block of successful integration processes.

Online platform;
5 cultural events;
400 interviews/questionnaires;
1 conference.

Structured Learning for Awareness in Media/SLAM project is co-financed by Erasmus+ program of the European Union.