In the period 29-30 August 2021, in Primorsko, Bulgaria, a training for coaches, under the IAM project, was held in order to promote integrity to combat match-fixing through training of young athletes - a priority of the Erasmus+ Sport program. The core idea of our project is to fight this international contemporary threat facing sport through education among young athletes in order to preserve transparency, fair-play and respect for others at the earliest level of sport activity. The challenges posed by the manipulation of matches need today a strong cooperation at European and international level in order to protect the future of sport as well as its ethics and integrity.

During the two-day training, the participants were introduced to the "Handbook for combating the manipulation of sports results through training of young athletes", with data on this phenomenon in sports, with a report and analysis of the current situation in the project partner countries on policies and practices to combat the manipulation of sports results.

The main topics of the training were:
Definition of match-fixing;
Who can manipulate sports results?;
Forms of manipulation of sports results;
Why sport faces this challenge?;
Who guarantees justice and legality in sports?;
Are there sports that are more susceptible than others?;
What can be done in order to avoid manipulation of sports results?;
Ethical decision-making;
Ethical issues in sports;
Increase the skills of young athletes for ethical decision-making;
How to maintain the integrity in sports?;
The role of coaches and parents;
Analysis of cases of manipulation of sports results;
Different perspectives of the problems with transparency and the consequences of the manipulation of sports results;
National and European legislation and policies;
European and International agencies for sport integrity.
Sport combines, in a balanced whole, the qualities of the body, will and mind. Education through sport can pass on moral values to young people and help them develop ethos - value thinking throughout life that will empower them to fight violence, addiction and crime.

Aims of the training:
To present opportunities in which sport facilitates the transmission of values;
To raise awareness of the basic principles of Olympism;
To explain the social benefits of sport.
The training provided basic information, resources and ideas to assist sport coaches in developing training sessions for young athletes on: tackling the phenomenon called match-fixing. They can also introduce young athletes to some of the key topics and choose some of the resources provided for further training.

IAM /Promoting Integrity Against Match-fixing through education among young athletes/ project is co-financed by Erasmus+ Sport Program of the European Union.