In the period 01-08 September 2021, in Castel Volturno, Italy, a mobility under the Football as a Seed for Gender Equality project is being held. The objective of the project is to fight discrimination and gender inequality through sport. In order to achieve the project's objectives, associations from Austria, Bulgaria and Italy are organizing a sports competition between 12 football teams mixed both from gender and nationality.

This event is a moment of meeting and confrontation between 60 boys and girls from the partner countries. By playing and spending their time together, young sportsmen and sportswomen are confronting themselves on women's participation in sport and are learning to consider gender, cultural and linguistic differences as an added value rather than an obstacle. The tournament is taking place in 3 stages: quarterfinals, semi-finals and three-team final.

During this competition a conference is organized focusing on the importance of the sport, gender equality and how to prevent violence against women. These activities are combined with awareness-raising campaigns in schools to challenge gender stereotypes and prevent prejudices and low participation of women in sports.

Although sport is a phenomenon that involves both men and women, it is characterized by profound gender differences: men participate more in sport than women. In particular, women's participation is very low in sports such as football, which in the collective imagination is considered a "male sport" and not suitable for women. The lower participation of women is a consequence of gender roles imposed by the society which inevitably influence the desires, interests and aspirations of boys and girls.

Taking this into account and statistical data, with this project we want to contribute to increase women's active participation in sports, break down gender stereotypes and bring to the conclusion that there are no male or female sports, but everyone should feel free to follow his own aspirations, feeling free from conditioning.

Football as a seed for gender equality project is co-financed by the Erasmus+ program of the European Union.