In the period 01-06 September 2021, in Madrid, Spain, the first meeting under the "Pick4all" project was held. The project aims to develop and implement innovative practices related to promoting physical activity of people who, due to their age or health condition, dont have many alternatives for practicing sports.

The project aims to raise awareness on the topic of the need for physical activity as a basis for a healthy lifestyle. The international meeting was attended by partner organizations from Belgium, Bulgaria, Italy and the host - Spain, including the Bulgarian sports development association - the partner from Bulgaria. The participants took part in the organization of the international tournament "Pickleball International Open of Madrid". The event was held at the sports base of the Municipal Sports Center Aluce and was supported by the International Pickleball Federation - IFP, the Spanish Pickleball Association, Zcebra, the Municipality of Madrid and many other organizations and companies that provided prizes and pleasant surprises for the participants and guests of the event.

Pickleball is a new, innovative sport that gives everyone a chance, regardless of their age, gender, religion, ethnicity or sexual orientation. It strives to overcome barriers and prejudices. Pickleball is a combination of several sports - tennis, badminton and table tennis, making it an ideal tool for integration and fun.

The duration of the project is 18 months, and it involves five partner organizations from four European countries - Belgium, Bulgaria, Spain and Italy.

To present and promote the sport of Pickleball in Europe;
To encourage the practice of physical activity;
Overcoming barriers and prejudices;
Getting acquainted with the positive effects of physical activity;
Pickleball to be presented as a method of integration;
Increasing the motivation of citizens to perform physical and sports activities.

First international partnership meeting in the city of Madrid, Spain, where the goals, activities and tasks of the project will be presented, through which the expected results will be achieved;
Partnership meeting in Ghent, Belgium, on "PICKLEBALL FOR YOUNGSTERS UNDER RISK OF EXCLUSION". Good practices for young people at risk of social exclusion will be discussed and proposed;
Partnership meeting in Madrid, Spain, to exchange good practices related to the goals and objectives of the project;
Partnership meeting in Sofia, Bulgaria on "ORGANIZING PICKLEBALL ACTIVITIES FOR SCHOOLS AND SOCIAL CARE CENTERS". Ways to integrate through Pickleball as a means of inclusion and social inclusion of young people and adults in schools and centers for disadvantaged people will be discussed;
Last partnership meeting on ORGANIZING PICKLEBALL STREETS ACTIVITIES FOR FAMILIES. Proposals from the project partners for organizing outdoor events will be presented. The target group of the event will be mainly families and their relatives. The purpose of the event is to present and promote the sport of Pickleball as a means of social inclusion.

Regular practice of Pickleball by representatives of each age group;
Pickleball to become a social sports phenomenon;
Promoting education through sport;
Strengthening cooperation with partners from other countries;
Improving the quality in the preparation, implementation, monitoring and follow-up of European and international sports projects;
Encouraging citizens to participate in sports and health-enhancing physical activity.

PICK4ALL project is co-financed under the Erasmus+ program of the European Union.