The aim of the LETS SWIM BEYOND THE HANDICAPS project is to include physical disabled kids in social life, to improve quality of their lives, to give them the opportunity to have fun during physical activity and sports with their peers, to make them discover their skills, and to create a different environment where they can feel free to do exercise. The consortium includes partner organizations from Bulgaria, Croatia, Greece and Turkey.

Within the project, in September 2021, 8 free trainings for young people were held, in which 6 young people with physical disabilities and 6 without disabilities aged 12-16 took part. After the free trainings, which were held according to an adapted methodology, 3 young people with physical disabilities and 3 without disabilities will take part in an international swimming event in Croatia in November 2021.

Considering the social inclusion of children with disabilities and the creation of activities to support their physical development, with the initiative we want to motivate both children with and without disabilities to lead an active and healthy lifestyle and to unite them with each other.

The project Lets swim beyond the handicaps is co-financed under the Erasmus+ program, as a partner of the initiative for Bulgaria is the Bulgarian sports development association. The project activities are implemented in Maison Hotel, Sofia together with the swimming school GET WET, which employs specialists in adapted physical activity and sports and with the support of experts from the sector Adapted physical activity and sports in NSA "Vasil Levski".