On 22.10.2021 an online meeting under the Working to Approach Youth Workers as Agents of a Response to Disability (WAYWARD) project was held. The initiative involves 7 partner organizations from Greece, Ireland, Italy, Bulgaria, Vietnam, Mexico and the Philippines with the overarching am of empowering personal development, overcoming of stereotypes and social inclusion of young people (age 18-25) with intellectual disability in partner countries through the empowerment of youth workers and NGOs in terms of understanding and methodological toolset based on the ETS (Education Through Sport) methodology.

The general composition of the Consortium includes a balanced representation of organizations working specifically with the ultimate target (young people with mental disability) by means of the educational use of Sport and youth organizations with a European dimension expert in the use of the ETS methodology with an audience of challenged youth.

WAYWARD addresses the challenge of social exclusion and social stigma suffered by young people with mental disability in partner regions by means of transnational cooperation.

The World Bank quantifies in a total one billion (15% of the Worlds population) the individuals with some form of disability in the World. As a phenomenon, highlights the World Bank, disability is prevalent in developing countries and is generally accompanied by adverse socioeconomic outcomes as lower rates of education, poorer health outcomes, lower levels of employment and higher poverty rates.


1) Research for the identification of mentally disabled young peoples barriers to integration in sport, education and society, in combination with the existing best practices of ETS for intellectually impaired young people in partner countries;

2) Development of a Training Format enabling operators active in the field of youth to foster motivation, skills and social inclusion potential at the level of mentally disabled young people through ETS;

3) Phase of local activities whereby youth operators taking part in the Training Course will be engaged at the local level in a series of educational workshops of ETS targeted at mentally disabled young people as well as of sensitization actions (seminars, presentations, online actions) aimed at reaching out to the community and stakeholders with a positive message of inclusion;

4) International Seminar of exchange of local experience and joint brainstorming in whose context the youth operators involved in the previous project phase will brainstorm on the context and structure of a Manual and of a Web Platform, final tangible outcomes of the project;

5) Production of a Manual, which will serve as a supporting material for youth organizations and operators in Europe and Asia in their work with the niche target of mentally disabled youngsters;

6) Establishment of a multilingual Web Platform whereby to provide visibility to project activities/materials, opportunities of e-learning to external operators by means of online educational modules as well as disclose future activities to be implemented by project partners at the international and local events.

WAYWARD project is co-funded under the Erasmus+ program of the European Union, capacity building in the field of youth.