Bulgarian sports development association held a National Conference under the IAM (Promoting Integrity Against Match-fixing through education among young athletes) project. The main idea of the conference was to show how sport can contribute to the fight against illegal betting (black lotto), in order to maintain transparency, fair play and respect at the earliest level of sporting activity. The challenges generated by the manipulation of sporting events require strong cooperation at European and international level in order to protect the future of sport, as well as its ethics and integrity.

The discussed topics were:
Definition of match-fixing
Who can participate in the manipulation of sports results?
Forms of manipulation of sports results
Why is sport facing this challenge?
Who guarantees justice and legality in sports?
Are there sports that are more susceptible than others?
What can be done to avoid manipulation of sports results?
Ethical decision making;
Ethical issues in sports;
Increase the skills of young athletes for ethical decision-making;
How to maintain integrity in sports?
The role of coaches and parents;
Analysis of cases of manipulation of sports results;
Different perspectives on the problems with transparency and the consequences of the manipulation of sports results;
National and European legislation and policies
European and international agencies for sports integrity

The Conference was attended by over 30 representatives of sports clubs, NGOs, federations and associations, each of whom received a free copy of the handbook for young athletes IAM and got acquainted in detail with:

Sport combines, in a balanced whole, the qualities of the body, will and mind. Knowledge gained through sport can pass on moral values to young people and help them develop an ethnicity value thinking throughout life, which is going to empower them in the fight against violence, addiction and crime.

IAM (Promoting Integrity Against Match-fixing through education among young athletes) project is co-funded under the Erasmus+ Sport program of the European Union.