Hike Together project is focused on encouraging people to practice hiking and walking in nature, as they are a basic to many sporting activities, well-being and fitness. This initiative contributes to raising awareness of the importance of health benefits of physical activity through walking in nature as a natural exercise through increased participation in hiking and trekking. The partner countries are Austria, Bulgaria, Croatia and Italy.

This guide aims to support youth workers and mountain guides, sport experts and other interested parties in planning and implementation of future projects and activities related to hiking or walking in nature.

Who is it for?
This guide is meant for the managers, staff, volunteers and members of nongovernmental organisations active in the promoting walking in nature as a natural exercise:
The organisations working exceptionally in the field of social inclusion of young people from disadvantaged background;
The organisations to which working in the field of mountaineering, promoting walking and exercise in nature.

The guide will be useful for those organisations willing to plan and implement future projects and activities related to hiking or walking in nature.


To increase the knowledge, acquire new knowledge and experience of using hiking as a tool for social inclusion of young people from disadvantage background and promotion of equal opportunities and bringing together people, regardless of their age, sex, origin, financial status, etc.;
To create an innovative network of professionals, devoted to active living from different parts of Europe, who will be committed to the project not only during project life, but also after the project end with development and growing network of mountain guides;
Raise awareness on the added value of hiking and physical activities in relation to the personal, professional and social development of individuals through all planned project activities, in particular with the dissemination events will implement in the partner countries as well as local hiking events;
To promote access to volunteering in sport and strengthen volunteers skills and management of activities related to nature environment of hiking clubs and improving their role as a professional providers of services in local communities.

Hike Together project is co-funded under the Erasmus+ program of the European union.