In the period 28-30 January 2022, in Budapest, Hungary, an international meeting under the ONE GOAL project was held, which was attended by coaches and experts from 5 partner organizations – Bulgaria, Italy, Lithuania, Uruguay and the hosts from Hungary. Ivaylo Zdravkov, Kornelia Naydenova, Zlatka Hristova and Diyan Atanasov took part in the meeting on behalf of the Bulgarian sports development association, a partner in the project. During the meeting the following topics were discussed: knowledge and qualifications about women's football, methods and practices for developing the skills of the women's football coaches, improving the physical and technical qualities of female football players, role models in women's football, psychological methods and techniques for working with adolescents.

The ONE GOAL project aims to enhance all around skills of women football coaches and thus help them strengthen their future employability and popularize the idea of increased participation of girls in sports. The ONE GOAL project is co-funded by the European Union and is a pilot project in the field of sports, focused on educational exchange and mobility in sports.

1. General knowledge about women football, identify the problems and needs for these women in partner countries and start working on solutions;
2. Raise the qualification and competencies of women coaches by exchanging good practices, visiting seeing and learning methods of coaches in partner countries;
3. Create guidelines for more effective young women training methods and teach the coaches leadership skills and how to involve more girls in sports;
4. Boost the self-confidence and technical skills of these young coaches by providing them with necessary skills to create and lead innovative football practices;
5. Spread the main idea of professional women coaches in football, importance of women being role models for young girls and make the biggest sport in the world more accessible for everyone.

1. Research on challenges and struggles women coaches face when trying to pursue a career and determine what these women need to become more effective trainers;

2. Training courses for local women coaches in partner countries, led by our trained coaches, to develop new know-hows of training methods, psychological stimulus and leadership skills;

3. Women football campaign in which young coaches together with NGOs will organize public free training sessions to try and involve more young women in football, as well as test their new acquired training skills and methods, realize the potential of organizing such events and become a role models for their communities;

4. A methodology of good training methods for girls, correct ways of communication with women players and basic essential skills to lead good practices will be developed during the lifespan of this project;

5. Local football tournament where coaches, after learning the skills we provide, organize a friendly tournament inside their organizations to pick their team for the international football tournament in Kaunas;

6. An international football tournament where project partners together with women coaches will organize a friendly tournament between partner countries football teams. This way they will put all the skills they have acquired into practice and raise awareness about girls in sports all around Europe.