On February 28, 2022, in Sofia, Bulgaria, Bulgarian sports development association held a dissemination event with representatives of sports organizations, which included topics such as: exclusion from education of adults with disabilities; methods of social inclusion and integration; access to education and training – both in formal and non-formal sectors, for adults with disabilities; how sport can become an engine for further education and active participation in society.

The adults with disabilities are disproportionally represented among the excluded from education and the labor market, as highlighted by Eurostat data. The findings indicate that adults with disability face lower educational attainment and higher unemployment than their peers not affected by disability.

"Integr-Action Through ETS" (IATETS) is a strategic partnership, co-funded by the Erasmus+ Program of the European Union, aimed at creating new opportunities of education and personal fulfilment for disadvantaged European adults affected by disability through delivering on educational formats and methods of customized learning based on Education Through Sport (ETS).

As part of the project activities, a study was conducted on the participation of people with disabilities in sports activities. The study outlines the educational needs and barriers to the participation of adults with disabilities in sports activities. The study includes an assessment of the existing needs and framing of policy activities for improvement. The research report consists of 2 parts – Policy Recommendations on Education Through Sport, training programs for the inclusion of adults with disabilities or the elderly in general and good practices and programs for ETS and inclusion at the national level. The information includes data from all partner countries – Hungary, Italy, Croatia, Bulgaria, Turkey and analysis of the situation at European Union level.