The Faculty of Sport Sciences of the University of Murcia (Spain) is located in Mar Menor and works for the promotion of physical activity and sport in the society. This promotion is carried out showing the beneficial effects of regular physical activity on health, and with different sport management strategies, such as organizing sports events. The Faculty of Sport Sciences of the University of Murcia has several years of experience organizing big sport events in the Region of Murcia. These sport events are always carried out thinking in social inclusion, and trying to use the potential of physical activity and sport to help people in risk of social exclusion.

The idea of this project is to transfer this experience in organizing big local sport events to the organization of a big international sport event, with the participation of institutions that work in this field of several countries of Europe. The big event will be carried out with the help of volunteers of the countries involved in the project, and it will focus on the promotion of physical activity for the whole society, and also in social inclusion of people with cancer and disabilities, populations with important barriers for the practice of physical activity and sport.

The big sport event will be celebrated in Mar Menor (Region of Murcia), an ideal place for beach sports and water sports, with excellent facilities, professionals and a perfect climate for these activities. It will gather sport competitions, sport exhibitions and leisure sports activities to encourage the participation of citizens. The event aims to bring together more than 10000 people from different countries. The activities will be carried out in different scenarios, fully mobilizing the city for the event, with sport activities on the promenade, parks, sand and water of the beaches. In addition, the area will be conditioned for the celebration of the event with live music, a play area for little children, and different activities throughout the whole area of the event. More than 60 sports activities will be carried out simultaneously throughout the entire area, including horse riding, fishing, water polo, kayak-polo, scuba diving, sailing, canoeing, cycling, boxing, judo, rhythmic and aesthetic gymnastics, archery, orientation, etc.

The main objectives of this project are:
• Promotion of physical activity through a big international sport event.
• Social inclusion through a big international sport event, specially of people with cancer and disabilities.

This project is co-funded by ErasmusPlus Programme of the European Union - CALL: Not-for-profit European Sport Events NOT related to the European Week of Sport
and will be coordinated by the University of Murcia (Spain).

1. Italy, CUS Palermo
2. France,
3. Lithuania, LSU
4. Bulgaria, Bulgarian sports development association
5. Croatia, Rijeka sports association for persons with disabilities
6. Germany, Outdoor against cancer
7. Bulgaria, FC “Arda-1924”
8. Greece, Mas Aris Peteinou
9. Turkey, Istanbul metropolitan municipality
10. Norway, Horseed association
11. Sweden, Svenka ungdom league
12. Sweden, Swedish sports confederation
13. Poland, Fundacja Ekstraklasy
14. Greece, K.E.F.I.