In the period 28.03.2022 03.04.2022, in the town of Busteni, Romania, the first youth mobility under the "We Shant TolerHate" (WSTH) project was held. This project is a Strategic Partnership lasting 24 months focused on promoting youth volunteering as an instrument to contrast discrimination against migrants and refugees among the youth categories and within the hosting societies at large. The surge in intolerance, stereotyping and discrimination against migrants and refugees represents one of the most glaring realities influencing political and civil society debate, particularly in the European polities most sensibly hit by the massive migrants and refugee flows from Africa and the Middle Eastern region. Eurostat quantifies in 164.300 the number of extra-EU nationals who sought asylum in the EU-28 during the third quarter of 2017. The meeting was attended by young people from each partner country (5 local and 5 of migrant/ethnic origin) from Azerbaijan, Kyrgyzstan, Pakistan and Russia.

Participants in the project are the representatives of partner organizations that are part of the international project meetings and young people involved in the mixed learning mobilities and the upcoming local activities. The same participants, except in cases of substitution because of reasonable grounds, will participate in all meetings, and this will be the way to ensure continuity of coordination/planning efforts. The young people involved in the mobility (5 local and 5 of migrant/ethnic origin) are aged 1825 and play an active role in combating stereotypes and discrimination against migrants/ethnic groups and refugees among their peers. A total of 30 participants will be involved in the whole partnership (10 participants from each partner organization). Trainings are forthcoming in Bulgaria and Italy.

"We Shant TolerHate" (WSTH) project is co-funded under the Erasmus+ program of the European Commission.