On April 11, 2022, at the National Sports Academy "Vasil Levski", Bulgarian sports development association held an event under the Balanced Living through Healthy Nutrition Habit project, which was attended by students, coaches and sports professionals. During the event the results achieved so far in the project were presented and topics focused on various aspects of the overall healthy lifestyle (sports, physical activity and healthy nutrition), appropriate methods and practices for non-formal education on the topic, as well as the effect of healthy nutrition on various educational and sports activities, were discussed.

The specific activities set as a goal in the project are the following:
1) Analysis of successful practices of youth education in Sport participation, physical activity and health-enhancing nutrition. The analysis is going to cover the sports sectors, NGOs, fitness and nutritionists (facilities, experts and practitioners);
2) Production of a good practices Handbook;
3) Creation of a Training Format for mixed groups of professionals (Sport Coaches/Trainers, NGO Trainers, Nutrition practitioners) providing them with the methods of non-formal learning to convey a holistic practice of healthy lifestyle to the youth;
4) Implementation of local trainings for professionals at the level of each partner country/organization;
5) Implementation of local activities with disadvantaged young people (10 from each country) in each partner country/organization. The activities are going to include the implementation of a non-formal education program focused on various aspects of the overall healthy lifestyle (sport, physical activity and healthy nutrition);
6) Creation of a Textbook for operators across sectors to promote healthy lifestyles among the youth through non-formal learning;
7) Implementation of awareness-raising activities at local level, targeted at young people, communities, educational institutions and stakeholders in the field of sport, nutrition and physical activity;
8) Project Web Platform in multiple languages storing project information and educational contents.

Balanced Living through Healthy Nutrition Habit project is co-funded under the Erasmus+ program of the European Union.