In the period 29.0403.05.2022, a partnership meeting under the "DuMotion" project was held in the town of Dubrovnik. The meeting was attended by project partners and young people from Belgium, Bulgaria, Italy, Poland, Sweden, Turkey and Croatia. During the meeting, the Dubrovnik tournament was held, which was attended by volunteers and students from the Vasil Dechev High school and the Olympic Hopes Sports School in Chepelare, led by the director of the sports school Mr. Radoslav Agovski. Ivaylo Zdravkov, a board member of BSDA, took part in the partnership meeting on behalf of the Bulgarian sports development association.

The idea of the marathon was born in 2015, as a vision aimed at energizing Dubrovnik. Initially, the event had the motto "More than a competition" and a very simple goal to promote sports and healthy lifestyle, all in the incredible setting of ancient Dubrovnik, a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

Thanks to the dedication, enthusiasm and joint efforts of the Dubrovnik Sports Federation, the town of Dubrovnik and the Dubrovnik Tourist Board, the Dubrovnik Half Marathon has truly become "more than a race". In a very short period of time it became an international multi-day sports and entertainment event with four competitions Dubrovnik Half Marathon, 5K Charity Competition, Run The Wall and Kids Day. The event includes side events such as Du Motion Expo a gathering place for athletes and commercial companies from around the world and Du Motion Chat a series of discussions with prominent speakers from the world of athletics.

The DuMotion project team has developed modules that are going to be used to train volunteers. Through these trainings, the volunteers get acquainted with all aspects of the organization of major sporting events, logistics services, event management and organization of competitions and the latest topic concerning the impact of COVID-19 on sporting events. A manual was developed within the project, summarizing the information regarding working with volunteers during sports events and their successful training.

DuMotion project is co-funded under the Erasmus+ programme of the European union.

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