On May 16 and 17, 2022, an international online meeting under the EWA Empowering Women Athletes: Tackling Feminine Abuse, Violence and Discrimination in EU Sports Clubs project was held. During the meeting, the following topics were discussed: the completed and upcoming project activities, the prepared training materials and the training course on the role of sports professionals in combating violence and discrimination against women in sport Diyan Atanasov and Emilia Tsanova took part in the meeting on behalf of the Bulgarian sports development association.

Sport is a means of self-expression and fulfilment, as well as a force for citizenship and solidarity, while stressing how violence against women, stereotyping, differences in payment and barriers to womens involvement in management are still problems tackling the sport sector.

Those barriers act on multiple levels (verbal, physical, sexual, emotional, psychological, social, cultural, organisational, economic, mediatic, etc.) and are collectively perceived as a pervasive chauvinist culture that permeates the career of any female athlete.

The EWA Project aims to counter abuse, violence and harassment against female athletes in EU Sports Clubs through a comprehensive approach that collects past and present efforts and forces against the problem in order to power up the overall sports management systems to take charge of it.

The innovative aspect of the project lies in the attempt of boosting the engagement of each single beneficiary in taking charge of the problem and supporting each other.

Catalyze social players and communities in Europe that already dealt with the issue around a comprehensive dialogue on the state of the art and next steps to take;
Promote and innovative and multi-layered response to the problem tackled, maximizing and building on past experiences and creating new strategies and tools at EU level;
Activate beneficiaries in Europe through a grass-roots awareness-rising campaign aiming at acknowledging and valorizing the role of women in sports;
Produce and disseminate counter-narratives on women in sports though a social-media campaign;
Test and assess a training and awareness raising campaign addressed to AERS (Ambassadors of Equal Rights in Sports) and sports professionals (coaches, tutors, managers, etc.);
Experiment a peer-to-peer support system to encourage adoption of concrete solutions to the problem of serious violence and abuse of female athletes;
Raise and submit a petition on the issue to the EU that is participated by citizens in the European Union.

IO1 Publication State of the Art and Best Practices in Tackling Violence against Female Athletes;
IO2 Toolkit Strategies and Tools for Empowering Athletes;
IO3 Training Course The Crucial Role of Sports Professionals in Combating Abuse, Violence and Discrimination against Women in Sports;
IO4 Model A Centralized Peer-to-Peer Helpdesk Model for Female Athletes;
IO5 European Petition Enhancing Safety Measures for Female Athletes in Europe.

Network of Beneficiaries: Spreading of empowerment and mutual support actions of female athletes of all ages;
Education of Professionals: Exploitation of educational resources and courses for professionals that work with female athletes:
  • Sports professionals: coaches, trainers, fitness coaches, sports clubs operators and executives, masseurs, tutors, sports scientists, talent scouts, agents, referees;
  • Education professionals: physical education teachers, professional fitness coaches, mentors;
  • Health professionals: nutritionists, psychologists, physiotherapists, psychomotor therapists;
  • Media professionals: reporters;
  • Security professionals: Attorney General of Sport
Centralized Peer-to-Peer Helpdesk Testing;
Formulation of a Petition on Safety Measures for Female Athletes in Europe.

The EWA project is co-funded under the Erasmus+ program of the European Union.