In the period 15.0520.05.2022, in Mexico City and in the city of Cuautla, Mexico, activities within the International Seminar for Joint Exchange of Experiences, which is a result of the activities carried out so far under the "Working to Approach Youth Workers as Agents of a Response to Disability" (WAYWARD) project, were held.

The seminar was attended by 6 partner countries Mexico, Vietnam, Greece, Bulgaria, Italy and Ireland. During the mobility, a number of meetings were organized with representatives of local authorities in Mexico. The CRIT CDMEX Center for Rehabilitation and Inclusion for Children with Disabilities at the Teleton Foundation, Mexico City was visited. After the participants arrival in the town of Cuautla, they were welcomed by the President of the Directorate for Child Protection of the Cuautla Municipality, Araceli Garnika Garcia, and received handicraft sweets from the region as a gift. Local dishes were offered at the citys El Almeal Recreation Center. The seminar for exchange of good practices and experiences was opened by Ms. Alondra Perez Reyes PR of the Municipality of Tetela de Volcano and Mr. Cesar Gutierrez Cordoba, Director of the Directorate of Migration and International Activities with which the local host organization Mexican Association for International Volunteering (AMVIAC) signed a joint venture agreement. After that, youth workers from different countries, together with the partner organizations, held a sports event with adapted physical activities, which was attended by young people with different types of disabilities. The knowledge and skills of the Bulgarian experts in the field of adapted sports, as well as the practical aspects they showed during the local activities were highly appreciated by both the hosts and the participants from these countries and follow-up activities and practices were planned in this rapidly developing sector in our country.

The meeting was attended by Joanna Dochevska, Chairperson of BSDA, Kalinka Gudarovska and Ivaylo Zdravkov board members of BSDA and Ivelina Kirilova, PhD, expert in adapted physical activity and sports. The project consortium includes organizations working specifically with the target group (young people with intellectual disabilities) using the Education Through Sport methodology.

he capacity building initiative in the field of youth WAYWARD, has the overarching am of empowering personal development, overcoming of stereotypes and social inclusion of young people (age 1825) with intellectual disability in partner countries through the empowerment of youth workers and NGOs in terms of understanding and methodological toolset based on the ETS (Education Through Sport) methodology. WAYWARD project is co-funded under the Erasmus+ program of the European Union, capacity building in the field of youth.