In the period 29 31 May 2022, in Milan, Italy, the first meeting of the EntrepreNEETs initiative was held, which brought together the national coordinators from Bulgaria, Germany, Italy and Slovakia. Joanna Dochevska Chairperson of BSDA, took part in the meeting on behalf of the Bulgarian sports development association. ntrepreNEETs is a strategic partnership in the field of youth that aims to empower young female NEETs by providing them with entrepreneurial skills in the fields of social entrepreneurship, intercultural communication, project management, digital, and ICT skills.

The project aims at combatting the following two aspects: the overrepresentation of women in the NEET category and their underrepresentation as entrepreneurs. The main strategy that is going to be implemented to accomplish this goal is to provide youth workers with tools based on non-formal education (NFE). Thus, the project will be the exchange of good practices, aimed at producing a toolkit that can be used across the EU in fostering entrepreneurship. It will do so by employing Entrepreneurship as a Competence framework (EntreComp), working on the 3 competencies it defines: ideas and opportunities, resources and into action. The following EntreComp goals are in the scope of the project: I want to mobilize and I want to create value. They will be accomplished by inspiring young female NEETs to pursue a career in the entrepreneurial world.

The projects objectives are:
1. Development of entrepreneurial skills of female NEETs.
2. Decrease the number of women belonging to the NEET group.
3. Increase the number of female entrepreneurs.
4. Increase the teaching capabilities of youth workers in the field of entrepreneurship.

The long-term end result of EntrepreNEETs is the development of entrepreneurial skills of young women belonging to the NEET group, and, therefore, to increase their social inclusion and their employability. The collection of good practices from the Consortium of partners in initial research will lead to the creation of a toolkit that will be able to be deployed in any youth organization working with a similar target group. The tangible results, which will be developed through a mix of NFE methods will be as follows:
EntrepreNEETs ultimate main target group are female NEETs aged 15-29. The needs of this group will be addressed by providing educational tools to youth workers that work with them. Therefore, the youth workers will be the second target group of the project.

According to the data of Eurostat, young people neither in education, employment, or training (NEETs) in the EU represented 16.4% of the 20-34-year-olds in the European Union in 2019. There are important differences in national averages between the states, with the highest percentage being observed in Italy (27.8%). This youth inactivity, although not a new phenomenon, has an important impact on European economies and on the well-being of individuals. The variable rates of NEETs in the EU-28 can be attributed to cyclical economic factors, but there is also a structural problem since the labour market discriminates against low-qualified profiles. The crisis in the labour market created due to the COVID-19 pandemic deteriorated the situation even further, leading to the skyrocketing youth unemployment in most European countries (Tamesberger and Bacher, 2020: COVID-19 crisis: how to avoid a lost generation). Additionally, the available education and formation opportunities are not well adjusted to the needs of NEETs or young people in general.

EnterpreNEETs is co-funded by the Erasmus+ Programme of the European Union.