During the first days of June 2022, in Borovets, Bulgaria, Bulgarian sports development association held a training course under the "Re (IN) novating Marketing Strategy Across Semi-professional Female Teams" (RINMSASFT)" project, which was attended by sports specialists and sports administrators. The training presented the projects results so far, the training modules and a number of practical tasks in the field of marketing, communication, financial strategies and good practices for sustainability and funding in sports, platforms and strategies for fundraising, management, management of sporting events, digital skills needed by sports professionals and administrators in the dynamic 21st century. The discussed topics were focused on the needs to strengthen the competencies of the semi-professional women's sports teams managers through a process of increasing the skills, knowledge and competencies related to marketing, communication and advertising strategies.

The project pursues the specific Erasmus Plus Collaborative Partnership priority related to promote and support good governance in sport with a specific focus on the major priority to foster and enhance gender equality in sport.

Cross-country combined Research aimed at identifying the up-skill needs of semi-professional female team managers in the field of Sport Management, mapping sectoral stakeholders such as female sport clubs, national female sport federations and identified sport sponsors and existent best practices of marketing, communication and visibility strategies;
Cross-country research for the identification of the existing landscape of professional profiles of Marketing Managers in the field of Sport. The results of the research will be submitted to a pondered assessment over the potential integration, improvements and modification to the skills, knowledge and methods in light of the peculiarities and needs of the female teams target in order to produce the final outcome which will be a Technical Curriculum of Marketing Manager of Female Sport Teams;
Attaining Marketing Strategies In the Sport Field (AMSISF) Training Format for team managers focused on marketing strategy aimed at making the team more competitive and appealing for potential sponsors. The training format will be tested through local pilot activities (one for each partner country). The training format will be conducted through cross-analysis and comparison between the needs for professional development of managers of semi-professional women's teams and the development of technical offline and online marketing strategy based on a methodological framework;
Web Platform Marketing Communication For Semi-Professional Sport Managers containing the digitalization of the Training Format, as well as a specific section in which all managers of semi-professional teams could access to a provided team of successful sport business managers as well as marketing experts as inspirational models in order to further refine the competences, means knowledge, skills and attitudes acquired during the piloting activity.

The e-modules will be specific per each thematic chapter of the Training Format, and more specifically: Digital Skills for Sport Managers, Management of Sport Events, Marketing and Communication in the field of Sport, Financial Sustainability strategies and mechanisms for Sport organizations, Good Governance and Crowdfunding Strategies. Furthermore, the web platform will contain an innovative section in which users who completed the e-modules programme will be able to acquire a starting marketing strategy plan targeted at their team status containing:
Mass Media marketing communication strategy;
Social Media marketing communication strategy;
Promotional Sport events strategic planning;
Crowdfunding events/actions strategic planning.

Through all proposed innovative outputs, as well thanks to the innovative aspect for involving stakeholders in the dissemination phase, the project proposes to achieve success, and the sustainability of the initiative will be guaranteed at a higher level in Europe.

RINMSASFT project is co-funded by Erasmus+ programme of the European Union.