In the period 02.07.2022 – 10.07.2022 in Rajca, Poland, the CHEER youth exchange took place, which was attended by young people from Bulgaria, Poland, Portugal and Slovenia. During the exchange, the participants prepared and presented a presentation on the mental health of young people in their countries (especially how the pandemic and current global events affect it). The participants also tested the CHEER cards, developed by the project team, which aim to improve the mental health of their peers regarding the challenges our society has been going through in recent years.

The CHEER project focuses on the following topics:
• Equal educational opportunities for young people with fewer opportunities;
• Integration of young people from partner countries;
• Raising health awareness (especially mental health);
• Introducing and implementing wellbeing methods;
• Increased creativity and teamwork;
• CHEER card testing and evaluation.

The CHEER initiative aims to improve the mental health of young people by stimulating their creativity and using their youthful enthusiasm. The crisis related to the coronavirus epidemic is having a negative impact on young people in Europe. The fight against the epidemic and the restrictions introduced weakened the mental condition of youth. Many of them feel that it intends to take from them their most precious time in their life – youth. As a result, young people experience many mental problems without institutional and social support. These problems have direct impact on their education and professional development. Moreover, at present we are unable to predict all the effects of the current state in the future. It is certain, however, that it will be a negative experience for an entire generation that needs support and renewed energy to overcome difficulties. The group that also experiences many problems in the above context are youth workers, who face problems with their mental state, but also with the lack of appropriate educational tools and skills.

The CHEER project is based on the long-term partnership of the "HOPP" Association from Poland with the Bulgarian sports development association and the inclusion of two new partners Teatro Metaphora from Portugal and Mladinski Ormož from Slovenia. The partnership represents a variety of sectors and activities, which will allow synergies to be achieved during the two years of the project. The youth exchange was attended by Elitsa Dochevska, Stella Nenova, Ivan-Alexander Piskov, Teodor Petrov, Ivo Nenov, Nikolay Rusinov and Momchil Dilchev.