Play Forward project in The Netherlands
A new playful project is coming in 2017 at Olde Vechte Foundation,in Ommen, The Netherlands!

We are delighted to share with you the successful news that Play Forward Project has been approved by the Dutch National Agency of Erasmus+, Erasmusplus Jeugd.

Play Forward is a Sports & Human Rights Education project, in which we will work with Sports as an educational tool with the aim to promote social inclusion and respect for Human rights for all.

It concists of activities: an APV, an Exchange and a Follow-Up period with local activities in 6 countries around Europe!

Partners involved come from Spain - Asociación Atlas Gran Canaria, Italy - Vagamondo, Czech Republic - Asociace DICE, Latvia - Jaunatne smaidam / Youth for Smile and Bulgaria Bulgarian sports development association.

Active Rainbow enters a new area of working within the framework of Human Rights Education!

More info will follow in the coming months! Tune in with #ActiveRainbow for all the news and updates!!