Play forward - local event in Bulgaria
At the beginning of November in Sofia, Bulgaria,first dissemination sport event was held to promote the informal learning methods acquired during the Play Forward project, sport and physical activity was used as tools for improving and guaranteeing human rights among young people people.

Dimitar Betov, who was the team leader of the project, conducted a training of young people with disabilities, experiencing temporary financial difficulties or having other problems that prevent them to engage in sports. The demonstration took place on the territory of NSA "Vasil Levski", which offers excellent conditions for sporting events and training. All participants actively participated and showed enviable skills, desire, motivation and initiative. The youths said they were extremely happy with the event and methods of informal learning are extremely effective for acquiring new knowledge and skills that they may be a huge benefit in achieving professional, personal and social development.

The event was part of the Play Forward project, which took place in August in the city of Omen, the Netherlands.