The young sports development ambassadors met in Poland
In the town of Szczecin, Poland was held the first mobility of young sports development ambassadors under the project "Youth Sport Development Ambassadors". Within 5 days, participants from Bulgaria, Italy, Poland, Wales and Hungary discussed the issues of sport and discussed new methods of promoting physical activity.

All participants agreed on the idea that sport is a universal language understood by all, and should be used not only to enhance human health and employability but also as a tool for building personal and social qualities such as discipline, responsibility, successful realization in a dynamic or inter-cultural environment, etc. The meeting was extremely useful for the young sports development ambassadors who got solutions and ideas to promote physical activity and motivation for sport among their classmates and friends. They all participated actively in the many sports activities and practical activities provided by the specialists and coaches of the Sea Wolves Basketball Club Szczecin, Poland.

The Bulgarian Sports Development Association, which is the partner form Bulgaria in the project, took part in the meeting with two representatives - Galin Genov, young sports development ambassadors and Ivaylo Zdravkov - member of the Board of Directors of BSDA. There are three more mobility projects, with each of Bulgaria's young sports development ambassadors visiting a different country to exchange experiences with their peers from other countries. The Youth Sport Development Ambassadors project is co-funded under the Erasmus + program of the European Commission.

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