#BeInclusiveWaterPolo summer camp 2024
In the period 12/06 – 24/06/2024, in VUSB Nessebar, an adapted camp for water sports was held. The camp was attended by people with intellectual disabilities, and the activities were led by lecturers from the four sectors of the Water Sports Department at the NSA “Vasil Levski”.
The activities during the sports camp were related to the promotion of NSA activities in the field of adapted water sports for people with different types of disabilities and special needs. The main sports in which the participants participated were sailing, kayaking and swimming. In addition, all participants enjoyed the spirit of the #BeInclusiveWaterPolo project, which aims to serve as groundbreaking addition to the world of inclusive sports for individuals with intellectual disabilities. It made its inaugural appearance in 2022 during the Special Olympics Malta Invitational Games, marking a significant stride in the pursuit of inclusive sports trends. By introducing innovative forms of adapted physical activities to the local community, the #BeInclusiveWaterPolo project aims to make substantial contributions on two fronts: First, it seeks to expand inclusion opportunities for individuals with intellectual disabilities through sport. Second, it endeavors to enrich the landscape of water polo sport clubs in Bulgaria and Croatia, offering a tried-and-tested avenue for individuals with disadvantaged backgrounds. This initiative aims to bolster the capacity of these clubs in the realm of adapted sports.

The key outputs of the #BeInclusiveWaterPolo project include an international #BeInclusiveWaterPolo event featuring participants from Bulgaria and Croatia, a printed edition of the handbook titled "#BeInclusiveWaterpolo" to empower sport clubs within the EU with the project's tested methodology, and an online platform that will host an electronic version of the handbook alongside instructional videos elucidating the rules of inclusive water polo.

This impactful initiative is a collaborative effort involving three partners from two different EU countries: the Bulgarian Sports Development Association, the Association of Bulgarian Swimmers, and the ParaSport Association of the city of Rijeka. These organizations bring a wealth of experience in the realm of sports and project management, ensuring that their expertise will be effectively harnessed throughout the project's duration. The #BeInclusiveWaterPolo project is made possible through co-funding from the Erasmus+ Programme of the European Union, highlighting the commitment to fostering inclusivity through the power of sports.