SHARE 2.0 CoP – Innovative solutions to engage youth people in grassroots sport
On the 2nd of July, 2024, SHARE 2.0 Community of Practice on Innovation organized a training event dedicated to "Innovative digital and collaborative solutions to engage young people in grassroots sport”. The event was held online and brought together key stakeholders to explore new ways to promote youth participation in sports.
The session included a keynote presentation by Sam Gelain from Hitch on engaging young people in today's sporting arena, as well as best practice presentations from Nils Schutt (Sportunity), Margot Bollaert (Flemish Sports Federation) and Silvia Costa and Pedro Moruzzo (European Aquatics). Participants discussed strategies for connecting sports enthusiasts online, social engagement of sports clubs and developing tools to prevent youth drop-out from sport. This meeting highlighted the importance of collaboration and innovation in making sport more accessible and attractive to the younger generation.

The SHARE 2.0 CoP aims to build upon the successes of the SHARE initiative, fostering enhanced cooperation and knowledge sharing among stakeholders in the sports sector. The kick-off meeting brought together over 150 participants from across Europe, including representatives from ministries, regional and local administrations, sports federations and clubs, as well as scholars and professionals in the field of sport. This diverse assembly underscores the widespread enthusiasm and commitment to advancing the mission of SHARE 2.0.

During the event, attendees gained insights into the objectives and work program of SHARE 2.0, along with the structure of the Community of Practice. Distinguished speakers, including representatives from the Directorate-General for Education, Youth, Sport and Culture (DG EAC) and experts in sports, lead discussions on the role of Communities of Practice in facilitating cooperation and knowledge exchange.

BSDA, a longstanding member of the SHARE initiative, remains dedicated to leveraging the platform to highlight the significant impact of sports on regional and local development. Through active participation in SHARE 2.0, BSDA continues to contribute to the dialogue and actions that aim to elevate the profile of sports within European, national, regional, and local policy agendas. BSDA is committed to the development of sports in Bulgaria, advocating for the integration of sports within all aspects of society and promoting the values and benefits of physical activity for community development.

The SHARE initiative has been instrumental in bringing together public authorities, sports organizations, universities, SMEs, and business support organizations to champion the cause of sports for regional development. BSDA looks forward to continuing this collaborative journey through SHARE 2.0, fostering greater awareness and unlocking new funding opportunities for sport-related activities.