IOFA project

BSDA is partner in IOFA project
The Inclusive Orienteering for All (IOFA) project aims to make the sport of Trail Orienteering more accessible, inclusive, and enjoyable for everyone, particularly individuals with disabilities and sport operators. The project brings together organizations from Croatia, Italy, Spain, Bulgaria, Cyprus, and Hungary, each with unique expertise in promoting inclusive sports and Trail Orienteering.
The Erasmus Plus co-funded initiative will focus on the needs and challenges faced by two target groups: individuals with disabilities (mainly mobility disabilities) and sport operators (coaches, trainers, event organizers, club managers). By engaging people with disabilities in all phases of the project and ensuring their participation in training sessions, the project will promote social inclusion and integration.

Key objectives of the project include:
• Developing and disseminating guidelines for organizing grassroots Trail Orienteering events, tailored to local public bodies and individuals with disabilities.
• Creating educational materials for schools, youth organizations, and sport clubs to promote Trail Orienteering and encourage participation, with a particular focus on people with disabilities.
• Raising awareness about Trail Orienteering among the general public and policymakers, highlighting its unique characteristics and potential for inclusion, and advocating for its recognition as a valid sport discipline.

The project will foster international collaboration, sharing of knowledge and expertise, development of user-friendly tools and resources, and promotion of social inclusion through sport. By addressing the needs and goals of partner organisations and target groups, Inclusive Orienteering for All will break down barriers and create inclusive environments within the sport of Trail Orienteering.