International meeting under the POP-UP project was held in Warsaw
In the period 24-27 June 2024, in Warsaw, Poland, a partner meeting under the “POP-UP – Sport for empowerment and for hoping-up your personal and professional pathway” project was held, which was attended by Joanna Dochevska and Diana Hadzhiangelova – representatives of Bulgarian sports development association. The initiative aims to enable the training and integration pathways for adult populations, especially women and people with disabilities, to develop and incorporate innovative training activities centered around physical activity and sports, with a focus on health and well-being, and a pedagogical perspective of empowerment and skills development relevant to employment. The activities developed support the accessibility and inclusion of these populations and will create opportunities at both a personal and professional level.
At the European level, physical inactivity rates are too high, especially among vulnerable populations. Sports have a systematic place in schools and offer numerous benefits for academic success, but there are limited options for sports activities for low-skilled populations engaged in training and integration pathways. The project will develop research activities rooted in practical experiences, pedagogical and methodological tools for sports and training professionals, as well as inclusive and adapted sports and training activities for adults in integration. Three outcomes will be produced: a Research-Action on the mechanisms and approaches to bring sports closer to marginalized populations, tools to showcase cross-cutting skills relevant to employability, and a practical guide with "sports sheets" for professionals.

POP UP is co-funded by the ErasmusPlus Programme of the European Union and in collaboration of Belgium, Bulgaria, France, Italy, Poland and Romania will involve 100 professionals and 300 participants, including one-third women (100).