On June 7, 2022, in Borovets, Bulgaria, Bulgarian sports development association conducted a training with the support of the Department of Weightlifting, Boxing, Fencing and Sports for All, at the National Sports Academy "Vasil Levski". The training was held within the SONKEI Respect in Sport, Respect in Life project, which is implemented in partnership with 8 partner organizations from 8 European countries Bulgaria, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Italy, Portugal, Romania, Slovenia, Turkey and Croatia. The training discussed good practices and methods for tackling racism and violence in sport, various methodologies and practical educational tools for children and young people to raise awareness of violence in sport and promote EU values of respect, courage, gender equality and inclusion.

SONKEI project seeks to prevent violence and intolerance in sport through education and promotion of European values of respect, courage, gender equality, inclusion and non-violence. The project intends to change the mindsets of people and initiate social change that will provide safer environment for everyone. The lifetime of the project is 24 months.

A survey of the existing policies and strategies to tackle violence and intolerance in sport in different countries in EU and abroad, adaptation of this policies and strategies to our environment and implementation into grassroots sport organizations in the countries of all partners;
Development of educational programs for coaches, managers, volunteers and other sport professionals about the problem of violence and intolerance in sport and implementation of educational programs into grassroots sport organizations;
Development of practical tools that we can use in sport to educate children and youth about how to resist bullying, violence, intolerance and discrimination and help them cope with the violence they encounter in everyday life;
Breaking barriers and prejudices;
Educate coaches about the procedures in case they recognize violence or if they are trusted by children, youth and adults about the violence they encounter;
Promotion of the activities and the results of the project in the local environment of each partner and in as many EU territories as possible with the help of Ambassadors of Nonviolence. Ambassadors of Nonviolence will be famous athletes, well known in local communities.

More initiatives for prevention of violence and intolerance in sports at national and regional levels;
More sports organizations to have policies and strategies for violence prevention;
Coaches who have passed the educational program to have knowledge and a clear vision of what actions to take in case of violent behavior and intolerance;
Coaches should have developed a training methodology that distinguishes the rigid training regime from violent behavior;
The culture in sports clubs should be more tolerant and should not allow violent behavior and abuse.

The SONKEI project is co-funded under the Erasmus + program of the European Union.