#EmpowerSport – sport experts development programme
Erasmus+ offers the opportunity to adult education providers and other organisations active in the field of adult education to organise learning mobility activities for adult learners and education staff. For staff, activities such as job shadowing, courses, and teaching or training assignments can be organised in another organisation abroad. For adult learners, the organisation can organise learning periods abroad for individuals or for groups. In addition, the applicant organisation can host teachers in training and invite experts from abroad.
Bulgarian Sports Development Association will implement series of group mobilities for individuals – sport experts, which will be involved in theoretical and practical short-time mobilities in Germany and Italy. #EmpowerSport is a sport experts development programme, which will be active until 2027, providing opportunities for individuals to experience learning in different country in terms of acquiring new theoretical and practical skills.

The main target groups that will be involved:
• Sport experts - sport coaches and experts (adult learners), involved in direct field work with kids, young people and adults.
• Youth workers - youth workers (adult learners) at different level and in different fields, working directly with young people.
• Physical Education teachers - PE teachers (adult learners) in Bulgarian schools that work with kids and youngsters up to 18 years old.
The age of the target groups is 18+ and there is no age limit if they fit in the previously stated groups and professions.

Priorities of #EmpowerSport
• Sustainable growth of BSDA as educational entity
• Education through sport methodology development
• Quality learning opportunities for Bulgarian sport, youth and PE teachers experts

In the framework of 2023, Bulgarian Sports Development Association will implement 100 mobilities as follows:
• 10 groups, composed by 8 learners and 2 educators for each group;
• Hosted in organizations with great educational knowhow in the field of Education Through Sport and Sport for people with disabilities (preliminary arrangements has been made with organizations in Cologne, Germany and Milan, Italy, as well as other partnership available for hosting all over the EU).

Draft agenda of the mobilities:
• Day 1 Travel day
• Day 2 Educational activities – theory & practice
• Day 3 Educational activities – theory & practice
• Day 4 Educational activities – theory & practice
• Day 5 Travel day

Keep tuned for concrete dates and educational concepts of each mobility, as separate calls for each educational action will be published at www.bulsport.bg

#EmpowerSport is co-funded by Erasmus+ Programme in the framework of Adult accreditation 2020-1-BG01-KA120-ADU-094689 with project number 2023-1-BG01-KA121-ADU-000112471.