BSDA is partner in RISE project
Rise Empowered Above Sexual Violence in Sports or simply RISE is an Erasmus Plus co-funded initiative, aiming to address the issue of sexual violence in sports. The aim is threefold:
a) to develop and promote a comprehensive set of policies, guidelines and tools for prevention of sexual violence, to be adopted by different Sport Stakeholders, building on existing practices developed under previous EU projects and on authentic data and information gathered during research studies conducted during this project,
b) to sensitize, raise awareness and enhance knowledge, know-how and skills on all related to sports either as individuals or as entitles, on sexual violence prevention methods and tools. Thus, contributing to ensuring a safe and sexual violence-free sport environment for all and at the same time intervening in time to prevent sexual violence acts,
c) to raise awareness among young people related to sports, especially athletes, on the phenomenon of sexual violence, risk indicators, prevention techniques, reporting and getting support actions in case of victimization.

Project Activities include:
1) Research Studies conducted to identify and assess the needs of key sports stakeholders in terms of knowledge, skills, sensitization and awareness regarding prevention of sexual violence in sports, and to measure the prevalence of the different forms of sexual violence in sports.
2) Development of Protocols, Guides, Handbooks.
3) Development of an Educational and Training Programme on Prevention of Sexual Violence in Sports, published on an E-Learning Training Platform
4) Educational and Training Actions for Enhancement of Knowledge, Practical Skills and Know-how, as well as Sensitization and Awareness Raising on Prevention of Sexual Violence and development of Educational, Sensitization and Awareness-raising Audio-visual Tools and Materials
5) Dissemination and Exploitation of results.

Beneficiaries: Sports Stakeholders. Outputs include research reports, publication of protocols, policies, guides, e-learning platform, audio-visual material, workshops, European Forum and Info Days.

The project is coordinated by Social Policy and Action Organization from Cyprus, in partnership with organizations from Austria, Bulgaria (Bulgarian Sports Development Association), Greece, Italy and Spain and will deliver activities in the period 2024 – 2026.