Bulgarian Sports Development Association was founded in 2010 and is a nonprofit public benefit organization devoted to the development of Bulgarian sport and improving sporting culture in Bulgaria!

We believe that sport should be part of a modern life of children and young people and should create in them values such as motivation, discipline, fair play. Sport is also be a excellent way to prevent many of the problems with young people such as social exclusion, violence, crime and addictions.

Our main goals are:

1. Sustainable development of physical education and sport in Bulgaria;
2. Modernization of existing sports infrastructure and building a new one;
3. Development, application, implementation and coordination of national, municipal, government, European, international and other projects and programs for development of sport, sports facilities and physical education;
4. Improving the health, physical condition and sports culture of the nation, concerning youth problems as a priority;
5. Optimizating and mobilizing human and material potential in sport;
6. Creating an enabling environment for sustainable and efficient management of sport;
7. Development of education in physical culture and sport and through sport, and informal continuing education in the field of sport, professional development;
8. Protection of children, youth, professional athletes, coaches, sports figures and sports organizations;
9. Develop and enforce transparency in sport;
10. Development of prevention through sport.